General Troubleshooting Tips

pHin Smart Monitor Connection Issues

If your monitor is disconnected, or if it hasn't communicated recently, there's a chance that your monitor may be out of range of the bridge, possibly due to it floating away or floating into the skimmer. Could...

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How to reset your bridge

If you recently changed your WiFi network name or password, or are having problems with your bridge connectivity, a bridge reset may need to be performed. 1. Ensure that the bridge is plugged into an outlet ...

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Need to connect to different WiFi network

If you'd like to connect your bridge to a different WiFi network (or if you recently changed passwords,) please perform a pin reset of your bridge and then go to My Devices and click the Add Bridge button (even...

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Algae bloom

If you experience an algae bloom, we recommend that you either bring a sample of water into your local pool store or have a pool technician come to your home to provide assistance with your algae bloom. If you...

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pHin Test Strip Kit instructions

pHin uses specially made test strip kits to measure other aspects of your pool or hot tub's water chemistry that is not electronically measured by the pHin monitor. This includes Total Alkalinity (TA), Total Ha...

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How to cap-swipe your pHin Monitor

Cap-swiping your pHin Monitor prepares it to receive commands from your mobile device. For example, during setup, winterizing, or preparing a pHin for shipping, the mobile app needs to be able to send commands ...

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Troubleshooting Monitor Firmware Updates

If you're having issues updating your pHin Monitor's firmware please read through the following troubleshooting steps. My pHin monitor does not blink when waking the monitor with a cap-swipe It's important to ...

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Clearing the Android Bluetooth Cache

If you are just getting started troubleshooting your device's Bluetooth problems, look here first: Troubleshooting Android Bluetooth Connection Issues If none of the above steps work, you may be able to clear ...

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