pHin Mobile App

How do you log in to the app?

Enter the email address or mobile phone number used when placing your pHin order. You will then receive a verification email or text within seconds. Open the email or text on your mobile device and tap on the ...

Troubleshooting Push Notification Issues

pHin will send push notifications to your mobile phone when your pool or hot tub has at least one required action. Recommend actions do not trigger push notifications and may be completed at your convenience. ...

Why doesn't pHin show the numbers?

‚ÄčOur goal has always been to simplify pool care. As we develop pHin we are learning how to guide customers to care for their water without complicating the experience. What can pHin Measure? Your Monitor...

Can you Change the Day of the Week for a Timed Action?

If you do the action on your desired day, from then on, you'll get future timed actions on that day. So, for example, if you receive the prompt to complete the action on Sunday, but you don't mark it complete u...

What are timed actions?

TImed Actions are weekly maintenance actions. The app will tell you to place chemicals into your pool weekly, regardless of your levels, to maintain your well balanced state.

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