pHin Product Questions

How does pHin work?

The pHin Smart Monitor floats in your pool or hot tub and monitors your water quality. It communicates with your cell phone via the pHin Mobile App. When you need to add chemicals to your water, the pHin Mobil...

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What chemicals does pHin test for?

The pHin chemical engine is constantly analyzing: pH, ORP (a proxy for chlorine or bromine levels), and water temperature. Monthly uploaded test strip data provides readings for: free chlorine, total alkalinity...

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Do you ship internationally?

At this point we're focused on the US market only. We have plans to expand internationally, but don't have a specific timeline that we can commit to yet. Please stay tuned for updates as we get closer to our in...

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Will pHin monitor my salt water pool?

pHin works great with salt water pools. A salt water pool generates its own chlorine, so you generally don’t have to add much, if your salt water generator is sized correctly. However, during certain times of ...

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Will pHin work with a pool or hot tub cover?

Your pHin Smart Monitor will work with a pool or hot tub cover. Many pool/hot tub covers leave an approximately 3" gap between the cover and the surface of the water. If that is the case, our wifi bridge will s...

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