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Managing Chemical Inventory through the mobile app

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One of the powerful features of your pHin app is chemical management.  pHin keeps a record of all chemicals sent to you and will deduct from that inventory when you follow the app recommendations.

If the app tells you to add 2 chlorine pouches and you add 2, then it will be deducted from that inventory. If you choose to ignore the message and cancel the recommendation, the inventory number will stay the same.

If you choose to ignore the message, cancel the recommendation, but still add the 2 pouches, we will still think that you have these pouches in your inventory.   If this happens more than a couple of times, we will think your inventory is larger than it is and therefore not send out chemicals when you need them.

Our pHin app provides you with updated inventory numbers based upon what we've sent you and what you've told us you've used.  To see your list of chemicals and inventory you will need to open your app and choose My Chemicals.   Here you will have what we have recorded as your inventory.   If these numbers don't match, please contact us by taping on the "See a problem?" link below the inventory list.


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