pHin Pricing Questions

How can I purchase pHin?

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You can buy pHin in two ways:
  1. You can buy pHin without chemicals at a retail store or online for the flexibility to use it with your own chemicals. Purchase your chemicals at the store when you buy pHin or get them online.
  2. You can order pHin with chemical subscription online for added convenience. 
These are two different offerings with two different prices, offering two different benefits. Because of this, we advise that you buy pHin from a retailer if you want to use store chemicals and from pHin if you want our chemical subscription service. 

Please note that we are unable to give you full credit towards the $349 monitor you already purchased in a store or online. Therefore, we recommend that you buy pHin with our chemical subscription if you think that you will want to have chemicals delivered to your door. Choosing our chemical subscription plan upfront can save you up to 37% in your first year.

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