Problems with the pHin Smart Monitor

Replacing a pHin Monitor

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When your pHin Monitor must be replaced, the following steps will take place:

Customer Care will disconnect the current monitor

  1. In the pHin Mobile App, your hot tub or pool disc will show “almost ready, Continue with Setup”
  2. If necessary, you will be given an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for returning your current Monitor, including a pre-paid shipping label via e-mail, to send back your monitor.
  3. When we receive confirmation that the RMA is on it's way back to us, a replacement will be sent to you.


When your replacement monitor arrives, tap the “Continue Setup” disc

  1. Follow the setup flow in the pHin Mobile App
  2. Place your monitor in the water and pHin will resume monitoring.
  3. In the pHin Mobile App, the disc will read “Testing Water” until pHin is settled into the new water.
  4. After 30-45 minutes, the pHin will settle in and resume monitoring your water for you.

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